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Merger between Sojitz Europe GmbH and the solvadis Group to form Sojitz SOLVADIS GmbH. More information can be found here

01.12.2023 - Merger between Sojitz Europe GmbH and the solvadis Group to form Sojitz SOLVADIS GmbH.

More information can be found here

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We market commodity and
specialty chemicals internationally!

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Our History

The solvadis group proudly reflects on its more than one hundred year old tradition. Even back at the beginning of the Frankfurt Metallgesellschaft we were engaged in the marketing of sulphur as a raw material. This branch experienced a dynamic upward trend in the 60s and still continues to remain a major part of solvadis' portfolio.

During the restructuring of the Metallgesellschaft, the appearance of the successful trading and service section changed. Many years know-how, our customer service dedication, and our solid business relationships have survived to this day, and remain as solvadis' core strengths.

These are our most important milestones:

1881 The Metallgesellschaft Company was founded in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and expanded in the raw material and mining industries.
1920 Trading with elementary sulphur was started. The Klöckner & Co. Company founded a separate chemical department, which operated solely as a chemical materials purchasing office for mining operations. Later it began to sell products from Klöckner and its subsidiaries.
1952 Trading with sulphur from refineries began.
1966 First, sulphur was extracted from natural gas.
1994 Separation of the former chemical department of Metallgesellschaft AG (particularly sulphur and sulphuric acid) to form MG Chemiehandel GmbH
1998 Merging of the Chemag AG (commodity and specialty chemicals, formerly owned by BASF) with the Klöckner Chemiehandel GmbH (distribution of solvents)
2004 Merging of the solvadis Group into the venture capital company Orlando Management AG, Munich
2005 Acquisition of the chemfidence service gmbh, a service provider at the Industrial Park Frankfurt-Hoechst
2007 Acquisition of the Duval Group, a service provider for liquid sulphur storage in Antwerp, Belgium
2012 Expansion of Duval’s storage facility and introduction of recycling of spent acid
2016 Today solvadis, headquarterd in Frankfurt am Main, a group of 10 companies who share a common history
2017 The solvadis Group become a part of the Sojitz Corporation, Japan.

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