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Quality and Safety

In order to minimise the potential danger to the environment through chemical transport, all of solvadis locations undergo regular inspections conducted by certified independent environmental safety inspectors. In addition to this, our logistical processes are also inspected by certified independent inspectors. Every year we invest in our safety programmes so that accidents and stain on people and the environment are avoided.

The quality assurance of our products and logistical processes is guaranteed by our quality systems (DIN ISO 9001:2008, DIN ISO 9001:2015) which are subject to regular inspection by certified inspection companies. Repeated audits confirm our consistent quality standards and fulfill international quality norms.

You can find our current certificates here:

solvadis commodity chemicals certificate 2020-2023
solvadis distribution certificate 2018-2021
solvadis specialties certificate 2020-2023
solvadis specialties HACCP certificate 2020-2023

In conjunction with our established quality and safety standards, we have implemented REACH Regulations, which also includes, among other objectives, REACH Conform Safety Data Sheets. The corresponding certificate can be found here.

We are well-aware of the potential danger chemicals bear towards human life and the environment, especially during transport. That is why we always make safety a primary concern in our daily work and a core value in our concept of responsible business.

Do you have any questions regarding our quality and safety practices? Please feel free to contact us.