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Merger between Sojitz Europe GmbH and the solvadis Group to form Sojitz SOLVADIS GmbH. More information can be found here

01.12.2023 - Merger between Sojitz Europe GmbH and the solvadis Group to form Sojitz SOLVADIS GmbH.

More information can be found here

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We do

We market commodity and
specialty chemicals internationally!

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Surface Technology

We can offer you high-quality solutions for component cleaning. Our product range includes a number of versatile pure and compound solvents, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, modified alcohols, as well as water-based solvents.

We offer solutions for a wide range of industries incl. the automobile, electronics, precision mechanics and optical industries and materials such as metals, plastics, glass.

Our relevant testing processes, stabiliser systems and cleaning boosters help facilitate the application of our cleaners, preserve the working condition of machinery and lower the overall production costs. Safety is an important objective when it comes to chlorinated hydrocarbons. Therefore we use safety systems in enclosed facilities thus ensuring all relevant regulations are followed. In addition we are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. We have participated in the ESADII Assessment Programme and we have implemented the Responsible Care programme.

Our Products

  • Chlorinated Solvents ( Per, Tri, MCL)
  • Modified Alcohols, solvadis OL LP/Lysapur
  • Cold Cleaner Vossfin -Halogen-free Hydrocarbon Solvents (Aliphatic Solvents, N-/Iso-Paraffins)
  • Stabilisers for Chlorinated Solvents, Hydrocarbon Solvents, Modified Alcohols
  • Water-based Systems (Alkaline, Neutral, Acidic)
  • Detergent & Cleaning Additives (Rust Removal, Enamel Removal, Corrosion Protection)
  • solvadis 4-Level Test Sets for Solvent Monitoring used in Industrial Cleaning Plants (Chlorinated Solvents, Hydrocarbon Solvents, Modified Alcohols)
  • Accessories for Connecting Equipment to Safety Container Systems

Our Services

Our clients cleansing needs and challenges are what matter most to us in this field. Using the collaboration of our network of competent partners in chemistry, industrial plant technology and reconditioning / recycling, we provide your company with the necessary know-how.

Our state-of-the-art cleaning and industrial technologies offer you more in the way of the best solutions for component cleaning, when aiming for the best combination of the most effective degree of cleaning at the best possible price, while still adhering to all of the legal requirements.

Our technical field experts would be glad to visit your company and discuss with you how our products can increase your productivity as well as how your company can use our products on a daily basis.

We welcome your questions and inquiries:

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